Mario Bavas Rabid Dogs Gets A Remake
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Samuel Franco and Evan Kilgore are set to pen an English-language remake of Mario Bava’s cult 1974 crime classic “Rabid Dogs”.

The pair have reportedly acquired the remake rights to the film which follows three violent criminals who bungle a robbery take hostages as they attempt to make a getaway.

The remake is expected to pull the original’s sexist tones and reimagine it as a present-day thriller and the first in a potential trilogy.

The original had a famously troubled history, the producer declaring bankruptcy mid-shoot with the then incomplete film shelved for many years. Multiple versions have existed over the years with scenes being re-shot, added or removed for continuity.

Alfredo Leone will executive produce alongside Kilgore. Filming will kick off next year for a 2023 release.

Source: Deadline

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